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Nurses and certified nursing assistants are caring people in a caring profession. Unfortunately they are at very high risk of back injury. They deserve care too.

Staff members in Massachusetts hospitals, nursing homes, and residential facilities deal with people who are incapacitated in one way or another — physically or mentally. Staff are constantly supporting or lifting people. Transferring a patient into or out of a bed is a difficult maneuver.

Some patients are big, heavy, even obese. It is not like lifting a box; rather, bodies move intentionally or unintentionally. The dangers to the nurse of back injury, shoulder or arm injury, and falling, are grave.

Not as common, but certainly more frightening, is deliberate injury by a deranged or mentally ill or over-medicated/under-medicated patient. Weapons are rare in a residential facility, but almost any severe injury or even death can be inflicted depending on the circumstances.


Many hospitals and similar facilities are for-profit institutions. This puts a special onus on the institution to take adequate precautions for the safety of workers. This should be done on the "front end" to avoid injury in the first place, rather than compensation after injury occurs. If there is a failure to take these measures, the institution owes it to the injured person to assure they are fully compensated for their injury.

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