Falling Object Accident Attorney in Framingham

Even a relatively small object falling from a great height can cause serious injuries to those below. A construction worker could suffer a serious back injury if struck by a falling beam. Likewise, a falling object from a warehouse shelve could lead to a serious head injury for an employee or bystander.

Regardless of specific cause of your injury, you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits if you were injured on the job. At the Law Offices of James F. White, P.C., we will work hard to secure the compensation you need for your work injuries caused by a falling object.

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Representing Clients Injured by Falling Objects

Any type of object can cause a serious injury when dropped on an employee. From falling construction materials and equipment to objects falling from high shelves or ladders, we are committed to helping you through the legal process so you can concentrate on your recovery.

The founder of our Massachusetts firm, attorney James F. White, understands the impact a serious head injury or back injury can have on your future health and employment. He can act as your advocate with your employer's workers' compensation insurer in order to get the full benefits you need to cover past and future medical expenses.

If your injuries were caused by a third party, you may also have a personal injury claim. We are experienced at handling personal injury cases and can help you hold all of the negligent third parties accountable for your workplace injuries.

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