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5 top reasons works' comp claims get denied

5 top reasons works' comp claims get denied

You're hurt on the job. Not only are you facing the medical bills related to your injury, but you can't even work until you heal, so you have significant issues with lost wages. Then you try to get workers' comp and you're denied. The situation goes quickly from bad to worse.

Few things are more frustrating for an injured worker. It's important, however, not to give up without looking into all of your legal options. The first step is to find out why your claim was denied. Top reasons that are noted by industry professionals include:

1. You were horsing around or not acting in a safe manner.

Your employer may try to claim that you caused the injury through your actions, and that you wouldn't have been hurt if you weren't messing around with other workers or otherwise intentionally being unsafe. Things like office pranks could fall into this category, as could ignoring standard safety regulations.

2. You got hurt at home.

One of the most common things employers claim is that employees were injured at home, limped into work, and then pretended to get hurt at work to collect the benefits and have the medical costs covered. If these allegations are made against you, it's crucial to know what to do, as you're being accused of fraud.

3. You didn't report it fast enough.

Most injuries should be reported right away, that same day, or as soon as it is realistically possible. If you stroll in four years later and ask for compensation, you could be denied. This can get tricky with work-related illnesses, though, which may take far longer to become apparent, sometimes giving you more time.

4. You never went in for treatment.

If you do have a valid injury claim, go to the doctor. Having all of the proper paperwork and the right records helps strengthen your case.

5. You were traveling.

Auto accidents are some of the most common causes of work-related injuries, but they can be problematic. If you were coming to work or driving home, while off the clock, you may not be covered. If you were driving for a work-related purpose, while on the clock, then you may be covered. The exact specifics of the accident become incredibly important.

If you think you should be covered and your workers' comp claim has been denied, you need to know what next steps to take. Don't give up just because of an initial denial, as you may be able to fight for the benefits you believe you deserve after finding out why you were initially denied.


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