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Motorists must be cognizant of motorcycles at all times | Law Offices of James F. White, P.C.

Motorists must be cognizant of motorcycles at all times | Law Offices of James F. White, P.C.

Now that the summer months are here, more people are taking to the roadways on motorcycles. This means that all motorists must be cognizant of motorcycles at all times because motorcyclists can be seriously injured if they are struck by a vehicle. While it is often possible for a motorcyclist to avoid an accident that is due to another person's negligent actions, it isn't always possible.

Many motorists switch lanes when they drive. This can be because they need to pass another vehicle or because they are going to execute a turn that requires a lane change. Motorists who are going to change lanes should make sure that motorcycles or other vehicles aren't in their way. The motorists should indicate they are planning on turning by using a turn signal. When motorists don't follow these basic rules of the road, the motorist might be struck if they can't take evasive action that would prevent the motor vehicle crash.

Motorists should be aware of motorcycles stopping in front of them. Plowing into the back of a motorcycle can lead to significant injuries for the motorcyclist. This is a situation that can often be prevented if the driver of the motor vehicle would simply pay attention to the roadway. Motorcycles have brake lights; however, those lights might not illuminate if the rider is allowing the motorcycle to lose speed on its own. In that case, paying attention to the distance between the vehicle and the motorcycle is necessary.

Motorcyclists who are injured by a driver who isn't paying attention or driving in an unsafe manner might choose to seek compensation for their injuries. That would be done in the civil court system through a personal injury lawsuit.

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