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UV safety awareness, and how skin cancer fits into SSDI

UV safety awareness, and how skin cancer fits into SSDI

During the hot, often relaxing days of summer, the last think most want to worry about is cancer. But with the sun shining and the hours most of us spend in the sun during Norfolk summers, it is timely to read a reminder that skin cancer is a real, serious threat.

July is UV Safety Awareness month. Without (and even sometimes with) proper skin cancer prevention, too many men, women and even children will suffer from cases of melanoma. Besides the emotional turmoil and worry that can overtake someone after a skin cancer diagnosis, they will eventually worry about their ability to work and how they might get by if they can no longer work.

The Social Security Administration's website shares thorough information about medical conditions that can lead to paid SSDI benefits. In certain cases of melanoma, a worker is eligible to receive SSD payments. Here are some basics about the condition and SSA's related regulations:

  • The SSA's Compassionate Allowances List includes cases of malignant melanoma and malignant melanoma with mestases.
  • To be verified as an eligible medical condition for SSD benefits, a patient will have to provide thorough medical evidence in order to receive insurance benefits.
  • To have evidence, obviously, a patient will have to have sought diagnosis and treatment from credible medical providers. Medical evidence can and should include just about all documents/tests/notes related to the cancer treatment.

When faced with a malignant melanoma diagnosis, whether it is that of oneself or one's child, there is enough to worry about beyond work and money. In real life, however, one has to worry about those things. Cancer treatment, after all, is not free. Someone who is in the midst of a serious medical fight can turn to a Social Security Disability lawyer in order to get the assistance they need during such an emotionally and physically taxing time.


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