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What types of driver conduct most aggravate motorists?

What types of driver conduct most aggravate motorists?

When a person is behind the wheel, their conduct is far from something that just impacts them. It can have major implications for a wide variety of other people on the roads.

For example, certain driving conduct could up the chances of a person hitting another motor vehicle or a bicyclist/pedestrian.

Also, the way a person acts behind the wheel can have effects on the mood and feelings of other drivers. When a driver engages in particularly aggravating conduct when driving, it could substantially darken the mood and feelings of the drivers around them, possibly putting such other drivers in a mindset where they are more prone to things such as not being properly focused, angry driving or road rage.

What sorts of driver conduct do motorists find most aggravating? A recent survey looked into this.

In the survey, the respondents (around 1,000 American adults) were asked what type of driver they found the most aggravating to encounter. The three most-given answers were:

  • Drivers who text (cited by 22 percent of respondents).
  • Drivers who tailgate (cited by 14 percent of respondents).
  • Drivers who cut in line at the last minute (cited by 13 percent of respondents).

Many driving behaviors other motorists find aggravating are also dangerous. For example, texting while driving can lead to distracted driving accidents and tailgating can lead to rear-end collisions.

So, it is very important to drivers to pay close attention to how they act when driving and whether the driving habits they currently have pose any problems and should be changed.

Given the major ramifications a driver’s conduct has, it is not surprising that the conduct of the involved drivers can be a critical issue in personal injury cases involving auto accidents. Investigations into what the various drivers involved in an accident were doing at the time of the accident are among the important investigations skilled personal injury attorneys can spearhead for traffic accident victims.

Source: The Florida Times-Union, “Study: Texting, tailgating worst driving behaviors,” June 17, 2016


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