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New Study: Years Required to Recover from Traumatic Brain Injury

| Dec 10, 2017 | Injuries |

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 1.7 million people in the United States suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) each year. And while physicians have long recognized that even mild TBIs can cause serious problems, researchers have discovered that they may be even more dangerous than previously believed. Indeed, a recent study out of the University of Oklahoma suggests that symptoms of traumatic brain injuries may last for years without decreasing in intensity.

Details of the Study

The University of Oklahoma study examined 500 veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who had suffered TBIs between June 2008 and April 2011. Participants in the study were being treated at a special headache clinic at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Oklahoma City.

Researchers asked participants to gauge the severity of certain TBI symptoms over time. Some of the symptoms – such as headaches, dizziness, poor coordination – were strictly physical, while others – such as depression, personality changes, and problems with judgment – were strictly emotional. The results were organized according to whether the participant had suffered a TBI in the years prior to that suffered during deployment.

The Results

The researchers discovered that none of the TBI symptoms – no matter whether physical or emotional – abated over time. In fact, most symptoms remained at the same intensity or even became worse. Further research is expected to examine whether an even longer time period has any effect on TBI symptoms.

The study underscores the possible dangers of traumatic brain injuries and the need for physicians and other medical personnel to pay careful attention to those who injure their heads. Although some closed head injuries can appear insignificant, the physical and emotional results can be not only debilitating, but also long lasting. Indeed, even a seemingly inconsequential injury may lead to years of pain, therapy, and medical bills.

A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

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