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3 steps to take after a workplace injury

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

A workplace accident can happen suddenly and result in serious injuries. These injuries can make it hard for you to return to work either on a short- or long-term basis and to do normal tasks associated with daily living.

According to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits after a workplace injury to help you pay for medical care related to your injury and to partially replace your paycheck. To qualify for these benefits, you must follow a general process after the workplace accident occurs.

1. Notify your supervisor

If you require emergency medical care, seek that first. But if your injury is not life-threatening, tell your supervisor about the accident. Explain the situation and what led to your injury.

2. See a doctor

Your employer may provide a list of physicians you can see to treat your work-related injury. Go and see a doctor as soon as possible after the workplace accident. Follow your physician’s instructions for proper care, treatment and recovery.

3. File a workers’ compensation claim

Once you receive medical care for your injury, you will need to file a workers’ compensation claim to receive these benefits. Be completely honest on your application and prepare to submit evidence and medical information as part of this process.

Even if you are completely thorough on your application, there is still a chance your claim will receive a denial. If this happens, you can appeal the decision to protect your right to workers’ compensation benefits.

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