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Regardless of their offers to help and claims of compassion, insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind. They have a bottom line they must maximize, and will work hard to minimize the impact of a car accident on that bottom line. At the Law Offices of James F. White, P.C., our job is to secure compensation that reflects your injuries and the level of negligence that led to the car wreck. Having represented countless clients throughout Norfolk County and the rest of Massachusetts, we can deliver the strong representation you need to ensure your rights are protected after a crash.

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Effectively Handling All Your Legal Needs

While you recover from your injuries, we handle all the legal aspects of your case, including the volumes of paperwork and communications with the insurance company. Identifying the true cause or causes of your accident is our primary goal. Driver negligence may have played a role. A defect in either car may have caused whiplash or a more serious injury.

Regardless of how your accident happened, we strive to maximize your compensation if you were involved in any type of collision.

We can help you seek compensation for the following damages:

  • Present and future medical bills
  • Lost wages and other income
  • Lost earning potential
  • Vehicle repair or replacement costs
  • Pain and suffering

Massachusetts "No-Fault" Car Insurance Laws

Massachusetts follows a "no-fault" car insurance structure which directs drivers to seek compensation under their own insurance coverage after a crash regardless of who is to blame for the collision. Unlike other states' systems which allow car accident victims to seek compensation from the at-fault driver, your insurance company will pay for medical treatment and other losses for anyone covered under your policy up to the limits established in your "personal injury protection" and "medical payments" coverage. The downside of this system is that you cannot seek compensation for "pain and suffering" from your insurance company.

You may seek compensation for pain and suffering or other non-economic damages from an at-fault driver in Massachusetts outside of no-fault law if:

  • Your medical expenses exceed $2,000.00, or
  • Your injuries involve broken/fractured bones, severe disfigurement, or permanent vision or hearing loss

It is important to note that no-fault law does not apply to vehicle damage claims in Massachusetts. You may seek compensation for vehicle repairs or total loss damages from an at-fault driver with no limitations. Regardless of whether you are seeking compensation from your own insurance company or the at-fault driver's, our attorneys can ensure your best interests are protected and maximize your chances of securing a fair settlement.

Do Not Trust the Insurance Companies

YDo not speak to the opposing side's insurance company following an accident. You may be experiencing pain and suffering, and, frustrated by the recent events, you may want to resolve matters quickly. Knowing that, the insurance provider will make an offer that is pennies on the dollar.

Attorney James F. White established our Massachusetts-based firm, employing a blue-collar approach in his dedication and diligence to protecting his clients' rights. He works hard and does not overlook the smallest details in a rear-end collision, SUV rollover, or other car accident claim. He is well aware of the tactics used by insurance companies and counters them with a facts-based approach.

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