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A Law Firm Fighting For Families After A Preventable Child Injury

Cases that involve injuries to a child are rife with emotional elements. The claims are complex and carry the potential of problems developing when your son or daughter becomes an adult. Law Offices of James F. White, P.C., provides compassionate and effective advocacy that addresses needs now and in the future.

From our office in Franklin, we serve Boston Metro West. We employ a blue collar work ethic to secure the compensation your child deserves.

Overcoming The Obstacles To Tell The Story Of Your Injured Child

One of the greatest challenges we face occurs when we represent an injured child. Understanding a child who has been injured requires a whole different skill set. Not surprising a child can have difficulty explaining how an injury has affected them not only physically, but emotionally. Children need time before they discuss how they feel, especially with an unfamiliar lawyer. Parents, siblings and child psychologists often provide valuable information and insight into a child’s feelings. A young person can be a victim of a car crash, bicycle accident or a dog attack. Yet, a belief exists that the child will recover from the damages done. With a long life ahead of them, a child can move past the emotional trauma and physical injuries. Reality may be very different. With time and understanding your injured child will receive the effective and competent legal representation he/she deserves.

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At the Law Offices of James F. White, P.C., our job is to tell the story of how a negligent party forever damaged what you hold most precious. We take a detail-oriented approach to communicate the short and long-term effects to an insurance company in settlement talks or a jury in personal injury litigation.

A Father’s Dedication To Your Child

Attorney James F. White, the founder of our firm, is a father of young children. He sympathizes with parents frustrated with insurance companies. He provides a high level of dedication and conviction to mothers and fathers going through difficult times.

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