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If you’ve been involved in an on-the-job accident, you’re not alone. There are millions of nonfatal work injuries reported each year throughout the United States. While many injured workers seek workers’ compensation benefits without the help of an attorney, working with a lawyer can make the process much easier and less stressful.

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Many Accidents Are More Common Than You Might Expect

Obviously, some workplaces are more dangerous than others. But you can get hurt pretty much anywhere, and working in a “safe” environment may make you more susceptible to injury because you let your guard down. Under Massachusetts law you do not have to prove your employer negligently caused your injuries to receive workers compensation benefits. You only need to prove you were injured during the course of your employment. Here are some of the most common on-the-job accident scenarios that workers’ compensation clients experience:

If you were hurt in one of these or any other type of workplace accident, it’s important to explore your eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits with our attorney.

Know The Rules And Requirements For Workers’ Compensation

Insurance companies are often looking for any reason to deny your claim for benefits. Therefore, it is critical that you follow rules and procedures after your work accident.

Seeking medical care: If you are injured on the job and it is an emergency, get medical care as soon as possible from any provider who can help. If you need medical care but it is not necessarily an emergency, tell your employer your work injury requires medical treatment. Employer’s have the right to send you to a medical care provider of their choice however, after visiting the “company doctor” you can seek a medical care provider of your choosing.

Reporting the accident or injury: You are required to notify your supervisor of an accident/injury within a timely manner (usually 1-2 days, if not immediately). You should report the accident in writing, if possible, so that you have evidence of the report.  If, possible take photographs of the area where you got hurt.  This may be helpful should your case proceed to the workers compensation court.

Filing for benefits: The statute of limitations for work comp claims in Massachusetts is four years from the date that you first discover your injuries or illness. However, you’ll likely want to file as soon as possible to ensure that evidence is preserved and to start collecting benefits while you are out of work.

Talk to an attorney: This isn’t required by your employer, but you have the right to seek legal help with your workers’ compensation claim, and many workers find this helpful. Your attorney can help you fully explore your options and ensure your rights and job status are not in jeopardy.

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