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Have You Been Hit by a Truck as a Pedestrian? Here Is What You Should Do

Here is what you should do if you have been involved in a Massachusetts truck accident as a pedestrian. 

May 18, 2023

Being hit by a truck as a pedestrian can cause serious and potentially life-threatening injuries, resulting in substantial medical expenses. In such cases, the truck driver may be held responsible for any injuries sustained by the pedestrian. It is crucial to know what steps to take immediately after such an accident to protect your rights and preserve evidence. Here is what you should do if you have been involved in a truck accident as a pedestrian. 

Seek Medical Attention

The first step you should take is to seek medical attention to ensure that serious injuries are identified and treated. This step is essential, even if you think the accident was minor. While visiting the doctor and getting treatment, remember to document all the medical issues related to the accident. This can help if you decide to pursue legal action against the truck driver

Additionally, seeking medical care may be necessary to reduce the risk of long-term complications, such as chronic pain or disability. Working with a qualified attorney is important to ensure you find a trustworthy medical practitioner and keep your medical records in order.

Speak with a Massachusetts Truck Accident Attorney

A Massachusetts truck accident attorney understands the dynamics of truck accident cases. They can provide highly specialized representation and legal advice if you have been involved in a truck accident as a pedestrian.

Generally speaking, truck accidents are complex and can involve several parties and insurance companies as well as their adjusters. An attorney can help you understand your rights and guard your interests while guiding you through the legal process.

Your attorney will help you understand the intricate laws and regulations governing truck accidents and ensure you are awarded fair compensation for the damages and losses caused by the accident.

An attorney can also assess your truck accident claim and help determine the best course of action to maximize compensation. Lead attorney Jim White can also help negotiate fair compensation and oversee the entire claims process. If the truck driver or their insurance company fails to pay or provides an unreasonable offer, your attorney can represent you in court to ensure you get what you deserve.

Injured in a Truck Accident? Contact The Law Office of James F. White

If you or someone you know has been injured in a truck accident as a pedestrian, contact the Law Office of James F. White, P.C., for help. Our lead attorney Jim White is passionate about fighting for the rights of truck accident victims and will work diligently to ensure you obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

To learn more, contact Jim online for a free consultation or call (508) 541-8585.

James “Jim" White

James “Jim" White


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